Đánh giá - Jardin du Mekong Homestay @ Chợ Lách

Đánh giá về điểm đến từ những du khách thực sự Jardin du Mekong Homestay tại Chợ Lách. Phòng nghỉ Bản đồ Giá bán Tiện nghi Tiếp xúc.

Phòng nghỉ

Phòng nghỉ

Phòng 2 giường đơn Bao gồm 2 bữa ăn (Bữa sáng và tối) (Twin Half Board (Breakfast + Dinner))
Diện tích phòng: 30 m², Hướng phòng: Vườn, 2 giường đơn
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Đánh giá

Trên cả tuyệt vời
thanks vinc for everything. We enjoy cycling with you. We enjoy the meal you prepare fo us. Thanks for upgrading the room for us! Xem tiếp
Trên cả tuyệt vời
This we a delightful and relaxing retreat from HCMC. Food was amazing, property was beautiful. The boat and bike tours were lovely and informative. Xem tiếp
Tuyệt vời
The homestay was different than most. Property has detached accommodations for travellers. Single or two attached. Family was great and very accommodating. Bicycle tour was fun to nearby town and market. Food was great. Fun learning to prepare food. Ear plugs recommend due to roosters in area. They crow early in morning. Must take in to account. It is a rural setting. Would go back. Location was hard to rate. Therefore I gave satisfactory. Xem tiếp
Tuyệt vời
We enjoyed our one night. Be prepared to have a motor bike pick you and your luggage up to bring you in to the property, which is attractively lush. Great landscaping, attractive cabins though a bit dark inside. We took the boat tour down the canals and it was exciting and pleasing, not polluted like in some other areas. Then we had a cooking class for our fabulous dinner. The next morning we bicycled into Cho Lach and enjoyed touring around this interesting small town. So I'd recommend a couple of nights. More if you want a relaxing and nurturing time in the heart of the Mekong Delta. Xem tiếp
Tuyệt vời
Authenitc Mekong Village. spend your days peddling around the village lanes, or a boat trip up the Mekong. We loved staying here and highly recommend it for anyone wanting to get away from the tourist traps. Xem tiếp
Tuyệt vời
The place is nice, with small huttes in a garden. It is not so quiet because there is a karaoke nearby, and in the morning the countryside animals wake you up (whoop...) but it is a really authentic place, and you get free bicycle to go around. Vinh has lots of ideas of boat tours, I think that the local boat tour is better than the boat tour to Cai Be because in the Cai Be tour you miss the floating market. The better is the food, very good. On the first night we had a free cooking class, and a foot massage after dinner. It was great. Xem tiếp
Trên cả tuyệt vời
We had a wonderful 5 nights staying with Vinh and his family. As others have said the food was delicious and being vegetarian wasn't a problem; in fact it spoilt us for the rest of our trip! We were served food we'd never eaten before which helped us buy different local fruit from the market. Cycling was great, being able to set off right from the homestay's front gate. Afternoons in the hammock, reading and relaxing in the lush, fabulous garden were idyllic. A wonderful experience meeting local people who were curious and intrigued by two western women cycling and smiling broadly. Xem tiếp
Trên cả tuyệt vời
An absolute must stay if you are interested in seeing the Mekong and meeting the people living in the area. Vinh and his family are super nice and his sister in law and mother are both fantastic cooks!! The food is included in your stay and is carefully cooked and presented and served with flair. The homestay provides you with free bikes with which we were able to spend most of our time exploring the area and meeting the local people. We also went on a boat tour organized by Vinh to a small local market and a pagoda where we met monks and got a tour of the temple, with the only cost being a modest donation. Vinh obviously knows what he is doing and runs an exceptional homestay. 100% recommended if you are looking for something a bit different from the run of the mill Ho Chi Minh experience. Xem tiếp
Trên cả tuyệt vời
Fantastic location in a quiet and peaceful rural village. Friendly and professional service. Clean, simple rooms. Beautiful gardens. Great laundry service. Our driver got lost on the way but Vinh was very helpful and chatted to him on the phone until we made it. You will be dropped off in a rather rural location, but Vinh will meet you there and take your luggage in on his moto- do not fear! You will walk into the homestay from here. Food is great, family is kind and welcoming. Local market is small and beautiful (not touristy at all!). There are a couple dogs and a very cute kitten named Lulu who make the place even better. Big thanks to Vinh and his family! Hope to visit again. Xem tiếp
Trên cả tuyệt vời
Fantastic. Xem tiếp
Trên cả tuyệt vời
A beautiful peaceful place to visit. Beware however as the boat trips on the Mekong Delta river are quite touristy. The host was great however did not mingle much with guests which was a shame. Would definitely recommend. Xem tiếp
Rất tốt
We had a short and comfortable stay here. We had the best fish in Vietnam for dinner! The hospitality is good and the room was big. The staff was very helpful and helped us with bus to ho chi Minh. The room was cozy but the sheets was stained. Little overpriced but worth our stay. Xem tiếp
Trên cả tuyệt vời
Fantastic experience, Vinh was so helpful. He arranged our transport to and from the hotel as well as the next destination. Made us feel comfortable and at home. Great activities, outstanding food. Beautiful comfortable rooms. Exceeded every expectation. We felt like we really experienced the Mekong, enjoyed every minute of our time there. Would recommend this place to everyone. A real treasure. Xem tiếp
Trên cả tuyệt vời
The Jardins du Mekong is located 40kms from Ben Tre, on a small Mekong branch, in the middle of tropical fruits trees (mangos, pinaples, bananas, coconuts and other less known fruits). It has 3 bungalows, very clean and cozy. During the night we could hear the noise of tropical wildlife (birds, frogs..) - very nice! - and the sunrises came with cock singing.. The host is very friendly and the dinners were cooked by the women of the family (mother, sister...). The food is absolutely delicious, and we we even invited to cook some traditional Vietnamese pancakes with the family. The jardins du mekong are surrounded by a network of concrete tracks very easy for bicycling and boat tours are also available. The host helped us to book a public bus to go to Ben Tre on our own and also back to Saigon. Very very nice stay! Highly recommended!! Xem tiếp
Trên cả tuyệt vời
Très bon accueil, tout le personnel est très prévenant, repas et breakfast excellent, raffiné. Dès notre arrivée en car, des scooters nous attendaient pour aller jusqu'au jardin sans avoir rien demandé Bungalows superbes Visites proposées et effectuées par des locaux, nous n'étions jamais envahis par des groupes de touristes Jardin à la végétation luxuriante Séjour inoubliable ! Xem tiếp
Tuyệt vời
Ici vous devez vous deplacer en velo. Les etroits chemins bordés par les cours d eau interdisent l' acces aux voitures. Vhin, l hote, pourra vous organiser nombre d' activites typiques et locales. Attention aux moustiques ils ne vous oublierons pas. A ne pas manquer. Xem tiếp
Tuyệt vời
Un peu difficile à trouver, munissez vous du numéro de téléphone. Excellent accueil, moment de cuisine très jovial, décoration du jardin et des bungalows très jolie. Massage des pieds agréable. Les bicyclettes sont un plus pour visiter le coin et le marché. Séjour très sympathique. Retour facile à Ho Chi Minh car le patron nous à reservé les places dans le bus et des motos sont venues transporter les bagages et nous mêmes. La nuit , il fait un peu chaud dans les bungalows, malgré le ventilateur. Agréable séjour. Xem tiếp
Le patron et personnel est adorable. La cuisine est savoureuse. Par contre, on a eu une colonie de rats dans notre chambre (excréments et bruit des rats le soir qu'on voyait un peu partout). L' Hotel est très isolé, déconseillé avec de jeunes enfants. Xem tiếp

Chính sách khách hàng của chỗ nghỉ

Nhận phòng/ Trả phòng

  • Nhận phòng từ: 12:00
  • Trả phòng đến: 12:30

Về khách sạn

  • Số lượng nhà hàng: 1
  • Số lượng phòng: 3

Bản đồ

Cau Song Doc, Xa Hoa Nghia,huyen Cho Lach,, Chợ Lách, Chơ Lách, Việt Nam