Đánh giá - Khách sạn Him Lam (Him Lam Hotel) @ Điện Biên Phủ

Đánh giá về điểm đến từ những du khách thực sự Khách sạn Him Lam (Him Lam Hotel) tại Điện Biên Phủ. Phòng nghỉ Bản đồ Giá bán Tiện nghi Tiếp xúc.

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  • Spa
  • Nhà hàng
  • Bàn tiếp tân [24 giờ]

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  • Thang máy

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  • Karaoke
  • Spa
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  • Quán bar
  • Nhà hàng
  • Quán cà phê

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  • Bàn tiếp tân [24 giờ]
  • Điện thờ
  • Khu vực hút thuốc
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  • Dịch vụ taxi
  • Thuê xe đạp

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  • Quạt
  • Vòi sen
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Đánh giá

Rất tốt
Toi kha hai long voi khach san Him Lam.Khung canh rong thoang, nhan vien than thien, co cac dich vu thuan tien(taxi, massage, karaoke, cau ca, boi loi). Khach san phu hop voi gia dinh co tre em hoac cac cap doi huong tuan trang mat.Tuy nhien phong o khong duoc dep lam va dieu hoa chi co 1 chieu. Hy vong cac phong se duoc nang cap tot de co nhieu khach hai long hon Xem tiếp
Khách sạn xanh-sạch-đẹp, tuy nhiên, phục vụ ăn sáng quá chán và bể bơi bẩn. Đặt phòng nghỉ trong khách sạn mà vẫn phải mua vé vào bể bơi là không hợp lý. Nên phục vụ ăn sáng bằng những sản vật địa phương có sẵn như ngô, khoai, sắn, nếp nương, cháo gạo tám Điện Biên hơn là/hoặc bên cạnh các món bánh rán, bánh mì, bánh ngọt và bún. Xem tiếp
Rất tốt
Co mot ky nghi binh thuong . Hoi buon chan . Buoi toi khong co dich vu vui choi nhieu . Moi nguoi ko nen di Dien bien phu vao thang 5 , 6 thoi tiet rat nong . Ko nen di cho Muong Thanh vi ko co gi Xem tiếp
No facilities what so ever went for the swimming jym and massage.nothing open they advertise a jym they do not have one swimming pool closed till march massage not open has not been for quite some time.breakfast menu a joke given five choices each time I chose something they said they did not have it.left me with eggs no bread or noodle soup.I could go on.last thing no one speaks English apart from one girl who had a smattering. On the way to bus station got a call saying I owed them 20,000 song for 2 bottles of water which I took for my bus journey Xem tiếp
Rất tốt
There are zero tourist agents in town.Dien Bien Pu and Him Lan are Dien Bien Pu are how Vietnam was before the now political system. Resort is owned by the Party and that makes it very different in operation to a commercial establishment. Only worth visiting by students who wish to study the before and after the commercialization of Vietnam. Hotel is good, if you stay VIP other rooms not so good.It is a long way from town about 6km, English or French are not spoken at all. No European food in town. Xem tiếp
4kms from town so you needed a taxi every time you wanted to visit market/shops/museum/war sites Xem tiếp
Rất tốt
We had a pleasant stay here, nice big rooms but a long way from the centre. The gardens were lovely and the pool, but nowhere to sit and was full of local children during our time here. Ok for a stop over hotel. Xem tiếp
Find somewhere else to stay. There was no hot water, cockroaches run around freely. The complementary breakfast consisted of a dry bread roll & a cheese spread. The construction of the buildings are sub standard. Power failure is common, yet this Hotel has no back up generator. Location is scenic but that's all. Xem tiếp
We had a restful stay at the Hotel. It is off season and the swimming pool wasn't open. There are swan paddle boats, ping pong and a badminton court but we didn't try to get the equipment to use them. The facility is large enough for team retreats or conferences. Xem tiếp
Hài Lòng
It would have been nice to have WiFi available in the room Xem tiếp
Once a very nice hotel quiet but a bitt far from town. a lot of renavation going on maybe new owners. While I was there the pool was closed. meals at the resturant where not to bad. the average traveler will have trouble with the there are hotels in town that quite frankly are much nicer and closer to the turist sites. If on a tour where transportation is provided it would be fine. if your are goingto dien bien phu for the nite life foreget it as there is none. Xem tiếp
Trên cả tuyệt vời
Hotel accommodated our every need. They even provided a driver to take us to Hue and saw some incredible scenery. If you want to see more of the town rent your motorbikes from the lady with the GREAT Smile across from the hotel. Very reasonable also! So far this was the best food we ate in all of Vietnam. Marble Mountain is a must! Incredible temples inside the grottos Xem tiếp
Rất tốt
Apart from the almost absolute lack of English this is a comfortable and roomy hotel. It appears geared for large groups and was rather empty when we stayed. It occupies huge grounds with amenities spaced among charming walkways. The full kitchen can no doubt produce wonderful fare but on our day we found the quantity small for a price to match the size of the ballroom. Xem tiếp
Hài Lòng
The Him Lam is a much larger complex than we'd anticipated. It is perhaps more suited to business/corporate travel, though there are good leisure facilities too; volleyball/badminton courts, lake with fishing and swan boat rides. We are pretty sure we were the only guests there when we stayed, though it was low season. There is a small cafe serving only drinks, and a large restaurant where they serve breakfast and dinner; they had to open it especially for us (though we had to ask very nicely), as there is nowhere else in the vicinity to walk to, it's quite out of town. Service was ok..they were well intentioned however didn't speak a word of English. Brush up on your Lao or take use a phrasebook so you can point to what you are trying to say. Breakfast was Asian style, noodles etc, but with bread as well. We were upgraded to a deluxe bungalow, which was quite spacious with a tub shower, tv, fridge and air con. Quite a lot of ants though. The wifi in the room was okay. Xem tiếp
Trên cả tuyệt vời
We only stayed for one night, but the hotel would be a great place to stay for a couple of days chilling out, good for families with young children Xem tiếp
Tuyệt vời
We only stayed one night and arrived at night and left early in the morning. The staff were very helpful, the room was clean and WiFi is available in each room. The hotel is about 10 minute drive from the town centre. Xem tiếp

Chính sách khách hàng của chỗ nghỉ

Nhận phòng/ Trả phòng

  • Nhận phòng từ: 14:00
  • Trả phòng từ: 12:00
  • Trả phòng đến: 12:00

Về khách sạn

  • Số lượng phòng: 87
  • Điện áp trong phòng: 220

Bản đồ

Tổ 6, Phường Him Lam, TP. Điện Biên Phủ, T. Điện Biên, Điện Biên Phủ, Điện Biên Phủ, Việt Nam, 380000